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The Great Parks of Cincinnati

Nestled in the Ohio River Valley, settlers first chose Cincinnati for its fertile soils and thriving wildlife. While a grand city stands over what was once the rural river banks, the city boasts many parks that continue to offer the same experience with nature.

Particularly while you're working from home this summer, going to the check out these parks can be a relief away from your laptop and the stresses of virtual life. Below we'll share a few of the team's favorites and what makes them so special.

Burnet Woods: A key stop on the migratory bird path, Burnet Woods is an urban oasis just across the street from the University of Cincinnati. With 90 wooded acres to explore, you can enjoy a sport hiking trail, fishing lake, and the oldest planetarium west of the Alleghenys. Great place to come for a jog or long walk and feel secluded. Vehicle access is restricted within most of the park, but it's only a 25ish minute walk from your apartment.

Bellevue Park: Breathtaking views are packed into a tight package at Bellevue Park in Clifton. From here you can get the best panoramic views of Downtown Cincinnati, framed by the West End and Ohio River. It's a lovely place to take a picnic and you'll find plenty of students doing the same on a sunny day.

Mt. Storm Park: Truly a secret of Cincinnati is Mt. Storm Park. Tucked at the edge of old Clifton you'll find an expansive park overlooking Camp Washington and the West Side. It preserves the charm of 19th-century Cincinnati with an antique bandstand and great stone folly, surrounded by sloping hills. On your way in make sure to see the grand old mansions of Cincinnati with some of the finest examples of Italianate and Gothic Revival architecture.

Eden Park: Cincinnati's favorite park straddles East Walnut Hills and the Riverside with plenty to do, no matter the weather. On sunny days you could explore the twin lakes, extensive walking trails and notable statues scatted across the 186 acres. On wet days you can check out the Cincinnati Art Museum, which was founded back in 1882 and hosts an extensive collection within the grand Romanesque-revival building. Alternatively, Krohn Conservatory is home to over 3,500 species of rare and common plants to appreciate as you meander through.

Winton Woods: A major county park outside of the city limits, Winton Woods has it all. There's hundred of acres to explore on foot with their extensive trail system, otherwise you can spend a gorgeous day on the water. The fishing lake is easily accessible with a boat (kayak, canoe, motorboat, pontoon) rented from the boathouse near the entrance. We'd highly recommend going all the way to the end of the lake near the dam where you'll find a secluded island that makes for an unforgettable picnic spot.

What's your favorite park in Cincinnati?

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