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Tips For Choosing Corporate Housing Solutions in Cincinnati

Updated: May 15

Are you looking for corporate housing for a short-term or extended stay in Cincinnati? Perhaps you are on a work trip or planning one for your staff, and you don't know where to start. It may appear challenging, and you may ask yourself many questions.

However, a trustworthy property agency can help you answer all your questions regarding corporate housing. Here are some of the key factors to consider when choosing corporate housing.

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8 Factors to Consider When Choosing Corporate Housing in Cincinnati, Ohio

  1. Cost

  2. Convenience

  3. Policies

  4. Amenities

  5. Market awareness

  6. Security

  7. Flexibility

  8. Duration of stay

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Corporate Housing


You need to consider the price of corporate housing to ensure you are within your budget. You should ensure you get value for your money by enjoying additional amenities and luxuries. An accurate way to estimate the possible cost of corporate housing is to analyze the local cost of living.

Higher living costs usually translate to more expensive corporate housing units. In addition to the rent, you should carefully consider factors like accessibility to your office or school, transport costs, and the availability of daily utility services.


The corporate housing you choose should guarantee comfort and convenience. You should have access to furniture, kitchenware, WIFI, and other resources that make your stay more comfortable. You should prioritize comfort and convenience, as they differentiate corporate housing from regular hotel rooms.


Policies include the rules and guidelines that dictate how to operate when renting corporate housing. Knowing the legal framework assures a happy corporate stay and assists in negotiating potential challenges or conflicts with property owners.

Therefore, you should take time to review the policies of a corporate house before renting it. For instance, are pets allowed? Can you play loud music? These are some policies you should analyze before renting corporate housing.


You should check if the corporate housing has Wi-Fi, kitchen equipment, gym facilities, linen, electronics, and laundry machines. Additions like swimming pools, outdoor parks, and fields may also make your short-term or extended stay more memorable.

Market awareness

An experienced corporate housing provider who is well-versed in Cincinnati's housing market industry dynamics can assist you when choosing corporate housing. Based on your preference, company policies, and the existing market and financial fluctuations, real estate consulting agencies should help you find the most suitable corporate housing for you.

Whenever a real estate firm rushes to get you to live in a certain region, you have every cause to be concerned. A seasoned real estate company would never rush things since they must assess your preferences first.


Your safety, that of your loved ones, and that of your properties need to be prioritized always. In addition to picking secure neighborhoods, you should make sure that safety features like monitoring cameras, dogs, security guards, and gated communities are available. Ensure that security personnel record whoever comes in or out of the apartment for safety purposes.


Since corporate housing primarily offers short-term rental units, they should be very flexible. You should ensure the corporate housing conforms to your schedule and lifestyle as a short-term tenant. You can modify the length of your visit if necessary using the flexible lease agreements that many corporate housing companies provide. It may be helpful to have this flexibility, particularly if your job contract is prone to change on short notice.

Duration of stay

When choosing corporate housing, consider how long you will stay in the new town or city. Corporate housing units are usually ideal for month-long stays since they are fully furnished apartments that feel more like homes.

However, you can choose to extend your stay, as the lease agreements are very flexible. Since all necessary amenities and furniture are available in corporate housing units, individuals can stay for as long as six months or a year.

7 Best Practices for a Smooth Transition When Renting a Corporate Apartment

Let's discuss some best practices that will enable you to choose wisely and enjoy a flawless corporate housing experience.

1. Analyze your demands and constraints

First, you must identify what you want and need. Consider the location, the length of your stay, your budget, and what amenities you need to streamline the search process.

2. Book in advance

Both business and leisure visitors frequently choose corporate housing as it is more comfortable and convenient than hotels. Therefore, to get corporate housing units, particularly in big cities, you have to begin searching and booking well in advance. This is particularly crucial if you intend to visit during the busiest times of the year when demand is highest.

3. Compare your options

You should also remember that you can choose from many corporate housing options. Ensure you compare and contrast the available apartments and real estate consultants. This process is usually very overwhelming to handle on your own, so consider choosing a reputable consultant such as Premier City Properties for advice. Furthermore, online reviews and expert suggestions can help you settle on a reliable consulting firm.

4. Assess the location

Another key consideration is the location of the corporate housing unit. You should ensure you are close to your workplace as this will save on transport costs. Proximity to utilities like restaurants, ATMs, petrol stations, and grocery stores can also make all the difference to your corporate housing stay.

5. Understand the lease agreement

Before renting, make sure you have completely read the lease agreement. Be mindful of the requirements, clauses, and any extra costs. Make sure you are fully aware of the cancellation terms along with other associated penalties.

6. Inspect the apartment

Check your corporate housing unit thoroughly as soon as you arrive. Look for any maintenance problems and notify the property's management immediately if you find any. Recording or taking pictures of the state of the property on arrival can help prevent disagreements in the future.

7. Plan a routine

Lastly, make an effort to create a schedule that incorporates work, leisure, and touring the neighborhood to help make your visit more pleasurable. Utilizing the facilities provided, including workout facilities or common areas, can help you enjoy a cozy and well-rounded lifestyle.


Corporate housing encompasses temporarily furnished, fully equipped rental apartments that companies rent to their staff when they move around or go on lengthy business trips. When choosing a corporate housing unit, you should consider factors like cost, convenience, policies, security, amenities, market awareness, flexibility, and the anticipated length of your stay.

Some of the best practices for a seamless transition into corporate housing units include assessing your needs and limitations, making reservations in advance, weighing your options, evaluating the location, comprehending the lease terms, checking the apartment, and creating a routine.

Are you seeking short-term or long-term corporate housing solutions? Don’t hesitate to visit our official website or contact our team for more information. Premier City Properties is a champion in Cincinnati’s corporate housing industry, offering all the corporate accommodation services you need under one roof!

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